Workplace office signs

5 ways to improve your workspace with signs and graphics

Offices are starting to reopen around the country and the workforce opinion is firmly split between working from home, returning to work and hybrid-working. Inspire employees and visitors alike to visit your premises with our favourite office signage ideas.

Flaunt your mission and values – Don’t bury this information in company guidebooks, never to be seen after induction. Wall graphics with values and mission quotes give a finishing touch to the office. As your employee’s move around the office, wall signs remind them how appreciated and important their work is and visitors are reminded about your strong company ethics and values.

Acrlic office signage by Borney


Add interest with Graphic wallpaper – Digitally printed, bespoke wallpaper is a perfect way to bring your office or retail space to life. It allows you to brighten up your reception and meeting areas whilst promoting your company values and providing visual stimulation.

Acrylic wallpaper for office


Create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere with window graphics – Window decals and graphics make the most of your space and are a great way to promote your brand, adhere to health and safety regulations and even increase privacy. Create an eye-catching display where employees and visitors are inspired by these adhesives.

Window signage - graphics


Extend your identity to every area – Door signage is also important and often overlooked. Wooden doors can be beautifully engraved or vinyl wrapped and PVC Door Banners can be fitted to most internal and external doors. Glass doors and interior windows can really elevate your office space with the addition of tasteful frosted decals or company branding.

PVC Door banners - office signage idea


Make good use of the unusual – Some offices are lucky enough to feature atypical architecture, inside and out. These areas often draw visitors attention making them a great place to enforce your brand message. Graphic wallpaper, hanging banners and flags are great ways to make use of these unusual spaces.

Long Hanging Banner in office


Lastly, remember to create a private hub with your office design elements. Let your employees escape for a mental break. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your team members with improved morale. Establishing a positive company culture will make your staff work more effectively.

If you need help and inspiration with your office signage, get in touch for expert advice and pricing!