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How clear signage can help us to safely emerge from lockdown

As the UK slowly eases itself out of lockdown, many businesses across the country are now faced with the same dilemma: how to open safely post COVID-19. It’s clear now that social distancing rules will remain in place for months or years to come, but unfortunately, most businesses have not been designed with this in mind. As consumers, staff, and visitors grow accustomed to the new rules, clear safety signage will become indispensable in ensuring health and safety across almost all workplaces and business premises in the country.

Reinforce social distancing rules

While by now the entire country knows the phrase ‘social distancing’ and what it means, most of us forget from time to time. Clear reminders posted up around your business premises keep social distancing at the forefront of everyone’s mind and maximise security for staff and visitors. You can even use safety signs in the workplace to separate workstations and ensure staff in warehouses and factories are two metres apart at all times. Clear social distancing signage is the most effective way to ensure that everyone keeps their distance and remembers the rules.

Promote good hand hygiene

Handwashing prompts are one of the most commonly seen health and safety signs around the world, and they’re likely to become more ubiquitous as 2020 goes on. The coronavirus pandemic has made us all aware of the importance of good hand hygiene, and it’s important that businesses and workplaces do their part to ensure that everyone follows government guidelines relating to good handwashing. Many workplaces are also installing hand sanitizer stations to encourage regular handwashing, even when not using the bathroom.

COVID-19 has made it clear that the old ‘wash your hands’ signs are no longer enough; by prompting visitors and staff to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and to use sanitizer gel where possible, you can effectively and efficiently minimise the spread of disease on your business premises.

Encourage safe spending

As businesses emerge from lockdown, it’s important to encourage consumers to become active members of the UK economy again. Customers will be understandably hesitant to shop in premises which don’t ensure proper social distancing, which means clear signage will play a vital role in ensuring consumers feel safe enough to visit non-essential shops and businesses after the pandemic. While supermarkets across the country have already made changes and installed signs to enforce social distancing, it’s now down to the rest of us – fashion retailers, factories, car showrooms, and more – to follow suit and sign up.

At Borney UK, we can create custom safety signs, banners, and flags for a range of workplaces. While our anti-viral safety signs can be used within a business to ensure optimum social distancing and hygiene, banners will be important in flagging up businesses to customers which are open and safe to enter. To ensure your business is fit to open safely post COVID-19, get in touch with us for more information about our bespoke health and safety sign services.