How To Choose The Right Flagpole

A flagpole is an ideal way to attract attention to your organisation, but with so many sizes and styles available, it can be hard to know what you need. Our handy guide explains the things to look out for when choosing a flagpole.

Key factors to consider when choosing a flagpole include:

  • Where will you position your flagpole?
  • Do you need to be able to move your flagpole?
  • Are your premises in a particularly exposed site?
  • What size and style of flag do you want to display?

At Borney, we have a wide range of flagpoles to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Take a look at the options in more detail to help you decide which would suit you best.

Forecourt flagpole

Perry's collection of forecourt-flags

Our forecourt flagpoles are powder-coated to prevent corrosion. The smart white poles are made of lightweight aluminium so they can be moved to fit in when you adjust your displays. They are the perfect solution for car dealership forecourts or can be used at the entrance to a petrol station or other retail outlet.

Two different types of forecourt flagpole are available, and both come in two sections. The forecourt pole measures 5 metres and is a portable option. Builders’ forecourt flagpoles have a similar construction but are a fixed installation. Weights are included, with a wheel foot base for all forecourt poles. Choose from a traditional loop and toggle fittings or sleeve fittings for portrait style flags.


– Smart white coating protects the aluminium core
– Light and easy to move to a different position
– Works well with several flagpoles on display together for maximum visual impact
– Planning consent not usually required, as not a permanent fixture


– Not as tall as some alternative flagpoles
– Not designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions which a fibreglass pole can tolerate
– Not as easy to dismantle and transport as feather poles when signage is needed temporarily e.g. for an event

Fibreglass flagpole

Peugeot Printed Fibreglass Flagpole

Fibreglass flagpoles are strong but very low-maintenance and are constructed from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). They are available in sizes ranging from 8 metres to 12 metres. Our fibreglass poles all come with a gold onion finial. Hinged base plates allow the flagpoles to be lowered on the rare occasions maintenance is needed.


– Strong enough to be used even in very elevated and exposed locations
– Highly durable and low maintenance
– Shiny appearance, with dirt-repelling qualities


– Likely to need planning consent
– Cannot be moved easily

Aluminium flagpole

White builders poles

Similar to the forecourt flagpole but designed to be installed as a fixture rather than being fitted on a stand, the builders’ pole is available in either a 6 metre or 8 metre length. As its name suggests, it is a popular choice with construction companies. This type of flagpole is widely used for advertising new property developments. All of our builders’ poles have a mushroom finial and you can specify whether you would like a rotating arm and weight to accommodate sleeved portrait flags or the loop and toggle fitting for a traditional flag.


– Stylish white protective powder coating
– Choice of sizes
– Choice of fittings


– Static; builders’ poles need a permanent fixture
– May require planning permission

Feather/beach flagpole

premium feather flags used on the tour of Cambridgeshire

The feather flagpole is the ideal solution if you are looking for display signage for outdoor events. There is a range of base options, including a plastic parasol base, a cross base and waterbag, a ground spike and a wheelfoot. Most of our feather flagpoles are supplied in their own carry case. Their aluminium construction means they are both lightweight and strong.


– Choice of single-sided or double-sided
– Several size options
– Supplied in sections for easy deconstruction and transportation
– A range of base styles
– Ideal for off-site events


– Less robust than permanent installations
– Less visibility due to a lower height

Other things you should consider before buying a flagpole

Do you need planning permission?

If you are installing a permanent flagpole, you should contact your local council to check whether you need planning permission. The need for planning consent can be affected by the type of flag you want to fly, the height of the pole and the locality.

Health and safety

Most flagpoles from Borney require very little maintenance. However, in order to comply with health and safety regulations, it is important to remember to carry out any maintenance that is required. You should also ensure you use flag displays responsibly when extreme wind is forecast so that there is no risk to you, your clients or the general public.

At Borney, we take pride in our reputation for supplying premium quality display solutions. We also offer a full installation service if you opt for permanent fixtures. We have a team of expert fitters who will ensure that your flagpole is installed securely at your location. Our helpful advisors are here to answer any questions you have about our flagpoles and our installation service.

Call us today to find out more about our wide range of flagpoles and let us help you make the perfect choice to attract attention to your business.