Various Fibreglass flagpoles and flags

7 reasons to use custom flags to promote and advertise your business

If you are looking for a quick, simple and cost-effective way to make your business stand out from the crowd, custom flags are just what you need. Perfect for attracting customers, promoting a cause, or directing visitors to an event stand, eye-catching advertising flags are sure to get people’s attention.


A well-designed flag can get your message across to your target audience instantly. Consider where your flags are going to be positioned and how far away your audience will be. For example, if you are aiming to reach passing road users, make sure that the logo is large enough to be clearly visible and that wording can be read from the relevant distance. If you will have people passing close to your flags on foot, you can opt to add more detail with smaller font. It is still important to remember not to over-complicate the design. Your custom flag supplier will be able to give you guidance on the best sizing for your logo and text and advice on colours and backgrounds.


Advertising flags offer the visibility you need to attract customers to your business wherever you are located. Whether you want a permanent display, for example for the forecourt of a car showroom, or advertising for an event, custom flags are the ideal solution. You can use a single flag if space is very limited, or a row of flags to grab attention at a larger location. If you have multiple flags you can choose whether to have them all printed with the same design or have different messages to be positioned in sequence. It is far better to use a series of different flags than to attempt to fit too much information onto one design.

Flags can be used at all sorts of venues, both outdoors and indoors. Use flags to promote your business at festivals, fairs, concerts, trade shows, product launches and conferences – anywhere where you want to attract attention. If you are planning a wedding, you could have personalised flags made for a unique decoration at the reception venue.

Easy to transport

Unlike some banners and stands, many flags can be assembled or dismantled in a matter of moments. You don’t even need a particularly large vehicle to transport most flags, as stands and poles can be taken apart to fit into a compact space. Some flagpoles are supplied with their own carry bag to make transporting them easier still.

Full customisation

The design of your flag is customised to your exact requirements. When it comes to designing your flag, you can be as creative as you like. Modern printing technology means your artwork can easily be converted into a design to fit a flag, using the colours you require to maintain your brand integrity. You also have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from to suit your business or event.

Low cost

Custom flags represent excellent value for money, offering highly visible advertising for relatively little investment when compared with the cost of some other channels. Since they are inexpensive, flags are an option even for one-off events, but because they are so durable, many businesses choose designs which can be used again and again.

Quick to produce

The turnaround time will depend on the type of flag and design you select but digitally printed flags can usually be done in a matter of days. Some flags can be produced the same day for next day delivery. If you are working to a very tight deadline, you may well find that flags are your best option for last-minute promotional materials.


Good quality flags can last for years. They are designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Even if you are based in or need to take your flags to an event in an exposed location you can get flags robust enough to tolerate the wind and rain and get your message widely seen.

You may wish to have custom flags made which are just for a specific event, in which case you can add time-sensitive information. Otherwise, you can avoid including any information which is likely to become out of date so that your flags won’t become obsolete. Choose good quality flags which won’t fade, together with robust stands and they will provide years of service.

In today’s world where the emphasis is often on digital marketing, it is important to remember the power of more traditional marketing methods. If you want to attract the immediate attention of a local audience, whether at a permanent location or at an event, a row of bold advertising flags is hard to beat.

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