22 top tips to update your branding ready for 2022

2021 is over, and what a year it was. Trade shows and events reopened after more than a year of lockdown and as we look forward to the coming year, here are our top tips to update your branding ready for 2022.

update your branding for 2022


  1. New year, new colours!

    Why not update your branding with an eye-catching fresh new colour palette for the new year. Don’t
    fancy a complete overhaul? Updating the shades can help bring a more modern feel.

  2. Add a fresh new font

    Swapping to a fresh new font can really liven up your branding and endorse your company personality.

  3. Liven up the office with window graphics

    Window decals and graphics make the most of your space and are a great way to promote your brand.

  4. Extend your identity to every area

    Office doors and windows are great areas that can promote your identity with clever
    Use of frosted glass and vinyl wrap.

  5. All-new event branding

    Liven up your stand with fresh new branding for your display area.

  6. Update your company tagline

    Updating your tagline for the new year can help reinforce your brand values and shout your mission for the world to see.

  7. Flaunt your mission and values

    Wall graphics with values and mission quotes give a finishing touch to the office that customers love to see.

  8. Liven up with a new logo

    Ring in a new year of business with an eye-catching new logo to grab attention and drive engagement.

  9. Invest in a branded gazebo

    A branded gazebo grabs the eye and makes a great first impression for visitors to your stand.

  10. Update your branding with flags

    Flags are one of the first things visitors spot at events and are great for catching the eye and drawing interest.

  11. Spread the word with vehicle signage

    Make sure your business is seen wherever you go with a sign-written vehicle

  12. Stand proud with display counters

    Custom counter stands are incredibly versatile and can be a great way to draw eyes to your key products or services.

  13. Boost your brand with banners

    Banners don’t take up much room, allowing you to maximise your floor selling space whilst providing key information.

  14. Promote with posters

    Posters are a great way to shout out offers, deals or new services whilst staying on-brand.

  15. Give everything a good clean

    It’s amazing how much dust and grime can accumulate in a year. Start off by giving all your signage and trade stand equipment a good clean.

  16. Promote with merchandise

    Promotional merchandise is a fantastic way to raise brand awareness, especially at trade events.

  17. Standardise your digital branding

    Make sure your digital branding is consistent across all your platforms, with the same header and profile images, and matching profile descriptions.

  18. Sponsor a sports team

    Sponsoring a local team can do wonders for your brand. Not only is your name visible for all to see, but it also shows you support community projects, something your clients will love!

  19. Promote with post

    Why not try traditional marketing through the post, branded envelopes and flyers will help strengthen your brand message and reach a new audience.

  20. Umbrella’s everywhere

    Ideal for tradeshows and outdoor events, having a stash of branded umbrellas on hand can make a huge impact, especially when it rains and suddenly your brand is everywhere.

  21. Invite opportunities with Inbound marketing

    Adopting an inbound marketing strategy can reduce your costs by up to 80% per lead, and strengthen your brand image.

  22. Create more content

    Content really is king. Getting informative, relatable content in front of your audience can do wonders for your brand. It helps demonstrate E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) and will get your audience engaging with you on a regular basis.

2022 promises to be a year of opportunity as the world learns how to adjust to post-pandemic working and marketing. Borney Branding can help you lead the way, whatever your branding needs.