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The importance of signage in the office

When you’re setting up an office environment, you’re so busy organising furniture and electronics that you forget about the finer details. Office signs are an underrated amenity that every work environment should make full use of. Not only are they informative, but they’re also great for developing a strong brand identity that makes an impact on both staff as well as potential customers and investors.

Here are five signs that every office should have and why they are crucial to the work environment.

1. Branded signs

Foamex signs are a great place to start when it comes to office signage, as they are affordable yet provide essential information to anyone who visits your office. Best of all, Foamex signs can last up to two years without losing shape or looking tatty. Foam board letters are particularly effective as they can spell out your company name in a stylish and professional-looking way; most companies put these letters right at the front desk so visitors know that they’re in the right place. These foam board letters are essential for your company branding and they can be manufactured to suit your personal style preferences; you can choose anything from 1-18mm thickness, depending on where you’re going to place them.

foamex letters colour swatch

2. Acrylic signs

A true sign of a professional work environment is through their use of acrylic signs. Luxe and expensive-looking, these signs are traditionally used to provide more information to customers or even to showcase employee or company achievements and awards. Get creative with your acrylic signs and organise them in a unique way; invest in these signs to create your company’s very own display wall for guests and staff members to admire. Our acrylic signs can be tailored to suit your own personal preferences, available with either clear or coloured glass; they also come with the option of nickel or chrome barrels.

coloured acrylic signs for IWF

3. Digitally printed wallpaper

This quirky office addition is often overlooked when it comes to an office redesign, but digitally printed wallpaper is an ultra-modern office sign that has a great impact. Why choose a small office sign when you can designate an entire wall to display your brand? The design options are entirely your decision and they can incorporate any company colours, images, or slogans that you desire. The wallpaper is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on any guest or customer who sees it, solidifying you as a memorable brand in their mind.

Not only is it an effective branding tool, but a statement wall will also brighten up your office aesthetic, making it a more pleasurable place to work. Attractive office design can do wonders for your worker’s morale, evidenced by an office survey where 97% of office workers said that the design of an office was important for their work productivity. Your office will look stunning and your profit margins will also increase, as you’ll have happy workers on your team.

Purple flower digitally printed wallpaper

4. Door signs

Large office buildings can sometimes feel like a maze and any guests might perceive your company negatively if they struggle to navigate the building. Your role as a business is to clearly signpost the building, making it easy for guests or even other members of staff, to find the correct room or see if a certain meeting room is engaged. Therefore, door signs are crucial for your office, as they’ll make your building a more enjoyable and less confusing place to visit.

Meeting room door sign

5. Poster printing

Custom poster prints are great to have in the office as they are ideal to display short, snappy and attention-grabbing pieces of information. They are an invaluable form of advertisement, both for your company’s brand as well as the products or services you’re selling. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, the posters can be customised to suit your exact needs and even come with laminated options to keep them looking fresh for longer.

poster printing - "Sale now on"

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