Maasi Full Van Wrapping

Guide to vehicle wrapping for businesses

Are you searching for a way to spice up your marketing strategy? Perhaps your company’s fleet of vans or cars are looking a little dull or uninspired? It may be time to invest in vehicle wrapping.

What is vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping involves embellishing cars, vans or trucks with digitally-printed vinyl images. Typically, vehicle wraps are used by companies to advertise their brand or to promote a particular campaign.


The processes involved with car wrapping and van wrapping are fairly flexible and allow vehicle-owners to create beautiful bespoke designs. Indeed, wraps can cover the whole vehicle or just a small part and can be printed in a full range of colours using intricate designs, high-quality photographs or simple logo designs.

The benefits of vehicle wrapping

If you’re not already convinced of the benefits of vehicle wrapping, take a look at the following advantages:

A wrap can help to build your brand

Investing in a vehicle wrap is a great way to get your brand logo and company message out onto the streets. Indeed, a professional-looking design can assure customers of your trustworthiness and generate positive feelings towards your business.

It is also a fairly low-effort way of marketing your company, particularly if your vehicles take to the road daily. It makes good business sense to turn your daily company operations into an advertising opportunity!

You can create a bespoke design that speaks to your core demographics

Vehicle wraps can differ significantly between organisations. Whilst some opt for bright and bold designs that boast obvious calls to action, others try to embody a kind of understated professionalism that exudes style and class and appeals to a sense of client loyalty.

Whatever products or services you offer, a well-designed vehicle wrap is guaranteed to impress your customer base.

Vehicle wraps are cost-effective

Advertising is becoming an increasingly expensive exercise, particularly if you choose to place your adverts in expensive newspapers, magazines or on popular websites. Compared to some of the more traditional advertising channels, vehicle wraps are proving to be amazingly cost-effective for companies across the nation. Indeed, it is easy to forget the sheer number of people your vehicles pass daily, many of whom could be interested in what goods and services you have to offer.

“Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,” says Perception Research.

Vehicle wraps last for years

Another way in which vehicle wraps are cost-effective lies in their durability. Indeed, most wraps last for around three to five years. When you consider the number of people that will pass by your vehicle in that time, the potential for a high return-on-investment is clear.

Vehicle wraps offer a layer of protection from the elements

As well as looking great, vehicle wraps can protect the paintwork of your company vehicles, preventing the appearance of unsightly abrasions and scratches that come with normal wear and tear.

If you plan on selling your vehicles at a later date, therefore, a wrap is a great way to maximise its resale value with minimal effort.

It should be noted that a full wrap is a better option than a partial wrap if you’re hoping to protect your vehicle from marks. As well as protecting the whole vehicle from scuffs, opting for a full wrap will avoid the possibility of your vehicle developing dark patches. Indeed, these patches can sometimes appear on vehicles that have had graphics on them for a long time as wraps protect the paintwork from UV damage.

Whether you’re looking to adorn your vehicle with a striking photograph, 3D effects or sleek lettering, we can come up with the solution that will boost your brand and help you to stand out from competitors.