Construction Promotional Fence Banner

Guide to fencing banners

What are fencing banners

No matter what industry you are in, construction projects are a fact of life at some point for most of us. This always involves some kind of demolition and/or refurbishment, and the results are usually worth the upheaval. However, the process generally results in an unsafe construction site that needs to be fenced off, and the fencing can look unattractive in an otherwise pleasant space. Construction fence banners are a great solution for temporary building projects, making fencing an opportunity to advertise whilst simultaneously making a site look like less of an eyesore for onlookers.

Fencing banners are large, printed banners that can be hung on fencing to conceal what is beyond the fence and advertise a brand, or inform onlookers about safety instructions or details of what’s happening inside.

They can also be supplied as barrier jackets in standard sizes that can be placed on top of a section of fencing for a comprehensive solution. A quality fencing banner looks attractive and can be both informative and nice to look at.

Where to use fence banners

Although they are a great way for construction firms to tell onlookers who are working at a site, there are other events and activities that can benefit from quality fencing banners. For example, summer fairs or music festivals are likely to be contained behind fencing, and fencing banners can be used to obscure the view from outside. By printing logos and information on the banners, visitors will be able to see important details of where they need to go, and passersby could be shown what they’re missing and given information about purchasing a ticket to get inside.

The same is true for sporting events – if the event is ticketed, you don’t want people watching from outside the fencing. A fence banner will prevent people getting a free show from outside, and can also perform the function of directing people to where they can buy tickets, or informing them of what’s going on inside, and how much it will cost to get in. So it is far more than just construction sites that benefit from quality fence banners.

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Why use them?

There are many reasons to use fencing banners for fencing around a construction site, event or sporting event. Here are the main benefits of quality fence barriers:

  • They obstruct the view: construction workers may not want people from the outside watching them work, and the public needs to be prevented from seeing things that might entice them to break in. Likewise, ticketed events like festivals and sports tournaments should only be visible to those who have paid to see them. Fencing banners keep the activity private.
  • They are eye-catching: when you have a quality firm print your banners for you, they can help with branding and will stand out more than the fencing alone. This can help people find their way to your event, with clearly marked boundaries that can’t be missed!
  • An opportunity to advertise: construction sites are a living, breathing showcase of the construction company’s skills! With fencing banners that display the company’s branding and contact details, interested parties will know how to get in touch and offer potential business opportunities. And events can advertise their websites and any other information they want for the world to see.


With Heras Fencing Banners, we offer a free design service – you can either upload your own banner design or let us know your specifications and we’ll design one for you. Our banners are ideal for crowd control barriers around events or for use around construction sites and building developments. We dispatch orders quickly and can offer discounts on batch orders.


Our standard banner size is 330cm x 180cm, but we can produce orders for custom sizes on request. Having differently sized fencing doesn’t mean you can’t use fence barriers – just let us know if you need non-standard sizes, and we’ll sort it out for you.


Our printed banners are supplied in full-colour photo quality, and the print is extremely durable. The mesh PVC has thousands of tiny holes that the wind can pass through, which is perfect for outdoor locations. And don’t worry, your print will not be affected by exposure to the rain.


Our banners are printed onto a 350gsm mesh, and every banner comes with welded hems and metal eyelets. The material is robust and durable, but also very easy to work with. You won’t encounter any problems when you choose Heras fencing banners.