From Conversation to Collaboration: The Story of The Neurotherapy Centre’s New Signs

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with Anna Dutton, the branch manager of The Neurotherapy Centre, to discuss their new signs installed by our team here at Borney. What began as a typical installation project took on a deeper significance when we learned the story behind it.

The initiative stemmed from a conversation between a local business owner, Stephen from S&S Landscaping Contractors Ltd, and Anna at the centre. Stephen, upon realising that the centre operated without government or NHS funding and relied solely on grants and donations, felt compelled to lend a helping hand. Surprised to discover the centre lacked any signage, he saw an opportunity to raise awareness and support by generously donating signs to raise their profile within the community.

The Neurotherapy Centre, under Anna’s dynamic leadership, epitomises a community-driven ethos. Committed to supporting individuals who utilise the centre, they offer an array of facilities and activities tailored to diverse needs. From an oxygen chamber to gym classes encompassing Tai Chi and Pilates, therapy rooms, and beauty treatments, every aspect is meticulously designed to foster a welcoming and therapeutic atmosphere. They also hold lots of great events and hire out their event space to the local community.

Anna’s journey with the centre is one of dedication and passion. Starting as a volunteer in the kitchen, she quickly emerged as a driving force behind the centre’s local prominence and fundraising efforts. Not content with just one avenue of support, she spearheads BROW4, a fundraising initiative that encourages participants to Bike, Run, or Walk with their four-legged companions. This year’s event promises a lively affair with live music, stalls, and delectable food and drink options.

 At Borney, we’re honoured to play a part in amplifying the impact of The Neurotherapy Centre within the community. Keep an eye out for our upcoming installation of feather flags, further cementing our collaboration and commitment to supporting worthwhile causes.

Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring partnership!